In this post I will look at Aesthetic design in mobile games as well as in some PC arcade games that have a similar look and a style that I want to take as an influence for my own game.

In analysing these games I will hope to pick up on important aspects of design to implement in my own game.


Angry birds

(Downloaded via Google play store)


The angry birds aesthetic design is very bright and colourful with simple graphics and character designs, I definitely want to draw from the bright colours of the game, which add a light and pleasant mood to the game, and also making the characters easy to see against the background (because of the contrast in different colours)

Angry birds, like a lot of popular mobile games,draws on comedy and character expressions, the angry birds,  who really do look like a bunch of pissed off cartoon birds, and the enemy (pigs) who have a sort of dim expression on their faces, make the game play all the more satisfying; when you miss the target, you find yourself getting annoyed at the dim looking pigs who you can’t seem to hit, and when you finally do knock them down you feel they got what they deserved.

As angry birds is one of the most successful mobile games ever I will make sure to draw inspiration from it where I see fit, this will give my game a good chance at success.

Colour sheep

(Downloaded via Google play store)


Another interesting game I downloaded from the Google play store was colour sheep.

Colour sheep is a game based on colours and so aesthetic design is particularly important to the game play.
the interface is very simple and bold (the colour and mixing buttons at the bottom of the screen) and the characters are also bold and stand out against the background.

Cut the rope

(Downloaded via Google play store)


Cut the rope has another very simple and colourful design, the backgrounds are light with low contrast patterns so as not to distract from the items on screen and the character/ finishing point is always easy to see against the background.

The game itself is mostly built on physics and there is no storyline other than a hungry frog like character that needs to be fed in every level, however the character’s cute design and cheeky expressions make him quite amiable to players and makes the game feel much more playful rather than just puzzle solving by itself,

The binding of Isaac

(Downloaded via steam store, PC)


The binding of Isaac was one of the two non mobile games I decided to look at for aesthetic design;

I chose to look at this game because it also has a very simple and cartoon-ish design that I think would also work well for a mobile game.

There are a variety of very strange looking mutant enemies, with the general theme of the game being underground tunnels, caves and the belly of the boss with enemies including mutants, insects and demons. The game has a sort of comedy/tragedy mixture in its story that works really well alongside its art.

I found this game to have an extremely interesting design, with a contrast in feel to some of the more bright and cheery mobile games that can be found in the Google play and app stores, this game was quite dark and eerie, which I thought worked well for it and made it more unique.

Super meat boy

(Downloaded via steam store, PC)


Super Meat Boy was the second non mobile game I looked at for aesthetics design,

Like the Binding of Isaac  I also looked at this game for its simple and bright aesthetics that I also think would work well in a mobile game.

Super Meat Boy is full of cartoon gore, the main character leaving a trail of bloody mess wherever he walks,all the while with a huge grin on his face. There are also a number of unlockable characters from other indie games that make an appearance in Super Meat Boy, such as characters from VVVVV and Bit trip runner.

This game gets away with its goriness through comedic cut scenes and a colourful design that adds a more cheery feel to the game experience.



See bibliography [click here]


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