In order to make sure my game idea is a strong foundation to build my game from, I started working on the concept in general, starting with the storyline and moving on to aesthetic design and interface.

Rough storyline:


Here is the initial storyline brainstorm for my game, which helped me to come up with my initial storyline which I may alter as my game develops, the first draft storyline is as follows;

Planet Visum (Origin; latin: sight/vision/appearence)  was once a peaceful place, and a pearl of its own solar system with eerily bright colours echoing through it’s stratosphere and into neighbouring galaxies, but it’s beauty became it’s downfall when others realised the power within it’s unique bright matter.

Felis (Origin: latin; cat, theif), a renowned scientific elite, began seeking to mine the special matter making up Planet Visum, in order to power her own creation, the wandering star… A planet-ship hybrid, with it’s own atmosphere built to survive alone with no sun, propelling itself on a path through the galaxy.

The inhabitants of Visum must now enter combat with Felis and her minions (destroyer-bots) in order to protect their home from the tyranny of the wandering star, as well as total destruction.

Concept sketches:

I created some quick concept sketches for my game portraying the aesthetics of the colourful planet and stages being destroyed by ambiguous cloudy space ships and having their colours drained, I will use these designs as a starting point for my game aesthetic design.


Concept art of the wandering star planet with enemy spacecraft draining the colours


Concept of a battle stage without buttons


Concept of a customisable (customised by uploading photo) battle stage without buttons


Interface ideas:


I did a quick interface brainstorm in order to get myself thinking about the presentation of my game and how players will navigate through it as well as what the game play screen may look like.

I will use this as a starting point in later more in depth development of the interface,

I also drew out a few quick sketches of some ideas I had for the game play screen

The first shows a pause menu button in the top left of the screen with inventory/ attack move slots below for the player to select from using the touch screen;


The second shows the same pause menu button with three rounded buttons for attacks, this layout is much simpler, and combos could be used to allow for more fighting moves



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