In the end I decided to go with “wandering star” as my game idea (you can read more about what I have so far in terms of mechanics/design my previous post: Improved designs.

draft title image:


About Wandering Star

Platform/OS: iPad, iPod touch and iPhone (IOS)

I decided on this platform/OS because of the fact it can be used on multiple platforms (iPod, iPad, iPhone) and cross platform mobile games generally do well (see post on Mobile gaming statistics) as well as Apple being an extremely popular brand. If possible I would also want my game to be released on an Android platform as these devices are also becoming increasingly popular and widely used (again, see linked post above).

Target audience: 18 – 30

I decided on this age bracket as a  target audience because of the popularity of mobile/social games in this age range, I will focus on attracting a teen to adult audience for my game, emphasizing the use of customisable features and social media / co-op play.

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi

I chose the fantasy/Sci-fi genre because of the creative freedom they allow in terms of visuals and story, These genres have also proven extremely popular in multi-player games such as Star Craft and World of Warcraft. I will also touch on scientific concepts and theories within the game as well as some paranormal and mythical elements which link in to the fantasy genre.

Aesthetics: Dark and otherworldly, with an element of creativity/personalisation

I want the game to have a definite feel but to still give its players creative freedom, I decided to do this I will allow players to edit their surroundings, but to add filters to the photos/drawings in the background to keep the feel of the game and make sure characters are still visible in battle.

Game feel (humour, references etc):

I want my game to draw on references to popular games/fandoms and have some elements of humour to keep it fresh and engaging for players.


“Gremlins” (rethinking name) are stealing the colours from the world, it is up to you and your friends to fight them  and restore the pigments. Re build “black hole” stages that have been totally destroyed by adding your own images and gain power ups and special moves to progress.

Social options:

Social media – post images to facebook/instagram, invite friends/post scores via facebook

Co – op play – invite a friend to play via social media, wifi, phone number or account name

High scores?

Device functions involved: Camera, microphone(?) Touch screen, Accelerometer(?)

Camera for personalisation/ filling black hole areas, touch screen for navigation and attacks, microphone and accelerometer possibly for special moves(?)


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