Further brainstorming and notes;

I brainstormed what I could do with the functions in relation to game controls and came up with five rough game concepts. I will later draw on these brainstorms in order to come up with five clearer concepts to consider developing for my final game design.

Brainstorm 1: Survival Scavenger


Brainstorm 2: Life Collage


Brainstorm 3: Music factory


Brainstorm 4: Boss Fighter


Brainstorm 5: Spell caster


After I came up with my rough game concepts I began thinking of reasons they may be good or bad in terms of mobile gaming.

As a lot of people who partake in mobile gaming are either travelling, in public places or possibly even in quiet areas which require certain behaviour (i.e. being quiet, no space for broad movements, etc) I wanted to also consider that some functions of the device as a method of controlling the game would be detrimental to the ability of users to play it freely in public.

Pros and cons of utilising multiple functions of a device:


Makes the game different from other games

More original game idea makes game stand out against competition

More people may be interested in downloading because of not being similar to other app games

More engaging through actions


Utilising too many functions may reduce the flow of the game

People my not want to use functions such as microphone and camera when they are in public

Games using accelerometer to make bigger actions may be health hazard in tight spaces such as trains and Busses

Novelty of using different functions may wear off quickly


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