Here are two of my initial ideas with more development,

After deciding which of my ideas were the best for further development I decided to continue brainstorming them to come to a conclusion about which one I should keep working on for my final idea.

I brainstormed a number of different ideas including better game titles and mechanics, resolutions to problems encountered with the designs so far such as e.g. the colour scheme in life collage.

Life Collage – improved title: Wandering star


Wandering star is an adventure fantasy game based in an alternate dimension in which evil creatures are stealing the colours from the world for an unknown reason, the player must fight these creatures in order to maintain balance and return the world to the way it should be, the co op game play consists of both live battles where friends can fight a large horde of “gremlins” (enemy) or can send each other gifts in order to level up. Players can help each other when one is taking too much damage or needs an energy boost by talking into their microphone to distract the enemies.

Players can also build a base in which they save all of their achievement items, special items, gifts and etc which can be personalised with photos taken from their device’s camera. Players can also edit the world they battle through when they come across “black hole” areas that have been completely destroyed by “gremlins” recreating them altogether and then fighting off the angry hordes of gremlins when they return.

Spell Casting – Improved title: Hocus-pocus


Spell casting is a gesture based fantasy game in which players battle NPCs and duel other players in order to level up and become a powerful wizard, the game includes many items and collectibles used in crafting to level up, pets (familiars) and a number of co-op options.

Players view the world in first person, with a menu to navigate between types of game (duel, monster fight and magic collection puzzles)

the interface would have to be very clear and simplified as the game has many functions and options available

This is a great social media game because of the number of multiplayer options.


After the final stages of brainstorming


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