In this post I will talk about each of my rough game ideas and their pros and cons, in order to figure out which games are the best and what functions and mechanics may need to be changed or developed further in order to come to a successful game design.


1)Survival scavenger

An apocalyptic survival game in which players can team up with or battle their friends, collecting loot to survive and fighting zombie NPC’s to survive the harsh post apocalyptic world of the future.

  • In single player mode, avoid enemies and collect loot to survive
  • Touch screen movement and menu
  • In co-op missions, distract NPC enemies with the microphone
  • Gamble loot in VS matches with friends
  • Player has a base (home) where they store collected items and achievements
  • items can give improved health, damage or special attacks
  • simple cool colour palette
  • connect through social media

(more in further brainstorming)


Utilises a number of device functions

A number of co-op options

Simple aesthetics


.Might be too long and drawn out for mobile gamers

Interface may be too complicated for mobile gamers (because of attention span and multiple functions)

May require unwanted tutorials

Players may not be on line at the same time as their friends making live game play difficult


2)Life collage

An artistic game in which players must defeat colour stealing gremlins who create black holes and negative space, to restore peace and colour to the world.

  • Create your own backdrops for “black hole” areas using your device’s camera
  • Place your photos on a location map and find co-op players/ similar maps through GPS
  • Play co-op with your friends to unlock more items and areas
  • Destroy gremlins with attack and combo moves (touch screen swipe and tap)
  • Collect paint buckets to unlock new areas
  • various items offer temporary buffs such as “tube of paint”
  • Photo stages can be reposted through social media, showing off  your own personalised game

(more in further brainstorming)


Allows players to be creative

High levels of personalisation

Utilises multiple functions of device

Good links to social media

Short levels


.May be difficult to program

May require larger financial backing for image storage space

Some backgrounds uploaded by users may make it hard to see characters

Players may not be on line at the same time as their friends making live game play difficult


3)Music factory

Music factory is a creative music making game in which players can complete challenges to unlock new sounds and beats to expand their music factory and make more and more music to share with their friends

  • Collaborate via wifi with other musicians
  • Combo with different musical techniques and sounds
  • Challenges unlock new sounds and beats
  • Voice record sound samples and singing
  • Players select sounds from sidebar and drag them onto the screen to play/manipulate them

(more in further brainstorming)


Creative and expressive outlet for players

May be popular with musicians

Unusual way of making music

Implements challenges to make more game like


.May not be considered a game by some

People may want to make music and unlock sounds without completing challenges

Completely sound based – would have to be played with headphones in public places such as trains


4)Boss fighter

Boss fighter is a largely Co-op based fighting game in which players battle their friends for the top spot on the leader boards. Includes customisable characters, power ups and social media posting.

  • Armour collectibles allow players to customise their characters
  • Upgrades for new attacks and power ups
  • Swipe and tap screen combos
  • Accelerometer special/charged moves
  • Defeat your friends and fight your way to the top of the leader boards

(more in further brainstorming)


Highly customisable characters

Utilises multiple device functions

Highly compatible with social media

Competitive leaderboards


.Many existing fighting games already

not as good for single player gamers

live game play with friends on line may have high levels of lag

players may not be on line at the same time as their friends making live game play difficult


5)Spell caster

Spell caster is a fantasy genre magic game with puzzle elements that allows players to level as a magician, using their device as their wand, either swiping and tapping combos  or waving their device as if it is a wand to input spells.

  • Start challenge games through social media (take turns)
  • Fight mythical creatures and chimeras in single player to collect magical upgrades
  • Duel your friends to gain experience and dominate the leader boards
  • Collect items for alchemy(upgrade creation), spell crafting(spell creation) and wand upgrades(speed/health/attack)
  • First person view with colourful graphics

(more in further brainstorming)


Good single player options

Utilises multiple device functions

Taking turns in co op battles allows players to respond whenever they are online


live game play with friends on line may have high levels of lag

May be too many collectibles to keep track of for mobile gamers

My favourite Ideas at the moment are Life collage and spell casting

Life collage is my favourite idea for aesthetic and utilizing device functions, and spell casting is my favourite idea for co-op battles through social media.

After considering all of these ideas I will decide on a main theme to go with for my game out of these options, perhaps implementing some of the other games mechanics in order to develop and perfect my final idea.


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