Mobile gaming statistics research

In this post I will look at some mobile gaming statistics in order to get a better idea of the mobile gaming market, audience and sales. This should be helpful to my game design and pitch.

Statistics from revivedmedia.net:



From these statistics you can see that the highest number of mobile gamers are in the 25 – 34 age range with the 18 – 24 and 35-44 age ranges also relatively frequent users of mobile gaming, female mobile and social gamers are more common; this is useful to keep in mind for target market and aesthetic design.
The majority of mobile gamers also play for more than an hour a day and most of this playing takes place either in bed or while travelling.

Statistics from skillz.com:


[Here I have highlighted interesting or useful statistics in Italic/Bold type.]

“65 Mobile Gaming Stats to Impress Your Friends

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  • There are 100+ million U.S. mobile gamers (almost 1/3 of the nation’s population)6
  • 80% of developers don’t make enough money to be a standalone business2
  • 34% of the top 100 grossing apps in the App store are using the freemium model1
  • The mobile gaming industry is predicted to reach $54 billion by 20157
  • Free-to-Play accounts for 90% of US mobile game spending1
  • Over 80% of all revenue generated by mobile in 2012 was from games4
  • The top 25 developers alone took in half of mobile development revenue in 20123
  • $12 billion dollars were generated in 2011 alone1
  • Mobile games are the most popular App Category1
  • 64% of mobile game users use mobile  game apps daily1
  • 93% of app downloaders who pay for an app, pay for a mobile gaming app1
  • 70-80% of all mobile downloads are games7
  • 76 of the top 100 grossing iOS apps are games4
  • $3 dollars is the average price at which app gamers feel an app game purchase or a free-top-paid app upgrade is a good value8
  • The smartphone gaming industry is expected to double by 2016.1
  • In October 2012, nine of the top 10 publishers by monthly revenue on both iOS and Google Play are game publishers10
  • In 2011, mobile gaming took 9% of total money spent on games, grossing $5.8 billion5
  • Cross-platform game players monetize 25% higher than single-platform players8
  • 51% of the top 25 grossing games in the App Store are free7
  • 58% of the most popular developers are creating multiple platform apps8
  • VentureBeat reports a 241% increase in online gaming since 2008

Statistics from Theverge.com :


The mobile research and advertising company found that for every $1 spent per user on in-app purchases in the App Store, 89 cents was spent in the Amazon Appstore and just 23 cents in Google Play.

From these statistics it is clear to see that low priced as well as free and freemium games are the most popular and highly downloaded type of mobile games, this is important to keep in mind for my own game, in case I want to include an in game shop in which players with free accounts can purchase upgrades and/or skins for their characters.
What is also clear is that cross platform games are very successful, therefore an IOS game that can be played on both an iPhone, iPad ,and iPod touch would be ideal (more so than android, as IOS customers spend more money in the app store than Android customers in Google play).
If possible it would also be beneficial to release the game in the Google play store for android phones which are also extremely popular at the moment.

Statistics from digitalbuzzblog.com:


  • The mobile gaming industry is predicted to reach $54 Billion by 2015
  • 84% of tablet owners play games
  • 70 – 80% of all mobile downloads are games
  • Android is soon to overtake Apple in number of total available apps
  • In-game purchases should overtake pay-per-downloads by 2013
  • Angry Birds has been downloaded 140 million times
  • Developers made $87 million in ad revenue in 2010 and will grow 10 fold by 2015

These statistics also support the case that freemium games’ in game purchases are more popular than games that cost money to download, making freemium my first choice for marketing.

From my statistics research I have decided on releasing my game in IOS as I can release my game to multiple devices and customers of the App store are more willing to spend money in apps than android customers,

I also found through my previous research that Apple is still beating Android in terms of income and spendings, but the number of android devices currently being sold means Android will eventually catching up, making it a good idea to release my game on IOS initially, and following its success, to then release it on Android.

also I have realised that a freemium model may be a good idea for my game, although I may still consider releasing my game as pay per download.


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