I decided as part of my rewards I would include achievements in my game which can be displayed on a users profile.

I thought of a number of achievements I could include in my game to challenge players and give them something to aim for.

Here are a list of possible achievements for my game:

  • Beginners luck: pass your first single player battle
  • Snapshot: upload your first photo background to a stage
  • Photographer: upload three images as photo stages
  • World builder: upload ten images as photo stages
  • Trash compacter: destroy 100 minions
  • Junkyard hero: destroy 300 minons
  • Enter felis: complete the first boss battle
  • Nine lives: Defeat felis in the final boss battle
  • Two is better than one: Complete your first multi player match
  • Rookie: Win three multi player battles
  • Regular fighter: Win ten multi player battles
  • Pro fighter: Win fifty multi player battles
  • War God: Win one hundred multi player battles
  • One of the regulars: Play 50 games of any type
  • Obsessive compulsive: Play 200 games of any type
  • Temporal loop: complete single player story mode three times

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