I wanted to create some advertising posters for my game so that I can advertise on line and possibly in magazines/ billboards

I had a couple of initial ideas for creating interesting posters for wandering star, using the art and maybe representing the world that is under attack in the game, but I decided the best way to make sure the posters were clear as well as simplistic was to have the design show on the screen of an iPhone or iPad.

To do this I took a number of photos of an iPhone and iPad in use, I narrowed down my favourite selections and saved them to my computer.



DSCN9455 DSCN9452


The next step was putting the best photos in Photoshop and removing the backgrounds and any glare from the screen, so that the device would stand out and be the central focus, and I would be able to put my designs in the middle of the screen.



Once I had done this I used my character and level designs along with the game’s title and tagline to create some simple but professional looking posters for my game, here are the final posters:







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