Character designs:

Hero character designs:

For my main hero design, I decided to use relatively high saturation, to have the hero reflect the natural state of the planet they are defending and representing happiness and freedom in their light and cheerful designs.

My first design makes  a simple use of colour and apparel wearing a purple crop top and black combat trousers,

My second character design is a little more complex and shows off bright red flowing hair which I thought was a good representation of what an inhabitant of Visum may look like, aside from the bright red hair, her clothing is mainly earthy colours representing nature which is a good contrast to the cold metallic enemy.

The third character is another simple use of more earthy colours, mainly browns, making her easy to identify against the bright alien colours of Visum

The fourth hero design is the most brightly coloured wearing flowing semi transparent yellow and purple with an orange flower in her hair.





Villain Character designs:

For my main villain design (Felis) I decided to keep the saturation low, leaving the characters basically black and white, reflecting the idea that they want to drain the planet of all its colour and beauty.

The first of these three designs is a based on an earlier character concept I came up with for a previous game idea which I thought may work well with the robotic design of Felis (the main villain) The character is bound by wires and wears a breathing mask which would come in handy for a space traveller.

The second design is similarly covered in wires and cables, with goggles and a scar cutting across her left eye, possibly an injury from space battles.

The third makes use of robotic limbs, including a huge drill for mining pigment from planet Visum.




Minion designs:

For my minions I wanted to use simple shapes to create simple characters that wouldn’t look too complicated (as many will show on screen) I wanted them to look very un-lifelike and artificial, achieving this through very blank and emotionless expressions on their almost human-like faces. I designed them in a dull grey colour to go with the theme of the villains (stealing colour)

My first minion idea is a very simple robot, he has claws and a screw panel on his chest to be removed for repairs, he has a very blank expression on his face and a single leg with a wheel attached to it for movement along with two pincer like claws for hands

My second minion is a lot like the first, but built with different shapes and limbs, he also has a drill attached to one of his arms for mining materials and attacking enemies.



Final included stage design:

My final included stage design over looks a colourful and bright lit up city, with a range of mountains in the background. I felt this was an appropriate scenario for battles to take place in because it shows that there are many people living on this planet that would die if it were lost to the villains, also the bright colourful lights fit perfectly with the theme of the game and look good even behind the veil of colourlessness.










Final photo submission filters:

Here is an example of a photo submitted stage, first you can see the image by itself, and then the filters that are applied to it throughout the battle, making it look like it is being excavated from behind a panel of colourless glass.


Photo only:


Photo with filter (start match):

brighton3filter copy

Photo with filter during match (near start/middle):


Photo with filter during match (near middle/end):


Photo with filter (success):





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