Final hero design:



I decided on this design for my hero, as it is relatively simple, colourful and uses natural colour tones such as green and brown which suited my idea for the hero. She also has long flowing red hair to make her stand out and look more colourful to reflect the bright colourful home planet she defends.

Final villain design:



I decided on this character design as my final design for my main villain; felis.

She has a large drill for mining materials and devastating attacks and is dressed in mostly greys and blacks.

I added a top hat, puffy sleeves and long socks with suspenders to this character to give her a sort of eccentric look which I think works well for my villain.

Final minions design:



I decided on a very simple design for my minions, I wanted them to look cold and lifeless and at the same time simple and unique from any other mobile game characters,

The simplicity is key in the minions design as they attack in numbers and I wanted to be able to put a lot of them on the screen without it looking too confusing.

Final stages with interface buttons:

Included stages:


Example photo submit stages with filters:



I am happy with my final filters as they successfully portray a colourless veil over the bright backgrounds.

These filters eventually shatter in a glass like fashion revealing the colourful scenery underneath.


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