A number of HCI issues encountered during my design development and what I did to avoid/resolve them

1) Utilizing too many device functions

Right at the start of my mobile game’s design I wanted to try and utilise as many device functions as possible, such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, camera, touch screen, microphone etc. After coming up with a few brain storms I realised that this could be a major flaw in my game, as having too many different device functions as controls could cause the game to be too confusing, could interrupt the game’s flow or just make it not much fun to play. Not only this, but some functions such as using the microphone for aspects of game play could be inappropriate in certain scenarios where the player has to keep quiet e.g in bed with a spouse, on public transport or in a library. To avoid this I developed pros and cons for each of my initial game designs and narrowed down the number of different functions to add to my more developed game drafts.

2) Colour /Aesthetic visibility

While I was working on the concept of uploading photos to the game as stage backgrounds I realised that this could cause a design conflict in the game; because users could be uploading photos with any colours, brightness or contrast in them, this may clash with the characters and interface and make the game difficult to see. In order to avoid this I began to develop filters to go with the photo uploads as well as with my own designed stages, fortunately this was easy to fit with the game concept as the colours in the game are being stolen, and so I created black and white filters that would eventually corrode throughout the game play, making it both easier to see the characters and also making the users customisation fit in with the game’s overall design.

3) Combat interface designs

While working on my combat interface I encountered a number of issues with my designs, which I continued developing until I was happy with them. to begin with I had too many colour button options, which could be distracting as well as confusing to users who are trying to pick out the right colour to match the enemy they are attacking, I wanted all of the buttons to be within easy reach and I wanted it to be relatively easy not to press the wrong button by accident. To achieve this I halved my number of colour buttons (from 6 to 3) and then began working on where to place them on the screen, eventually deciding the lower left corner would be the easiest to reach while the player can keep their right hand focussed on hitting the enemies (entering from the right)

I also decided on placing my health bars, high score, turbo charge bar and pause menu button around the top centre of the screen in a well laid out symmetrical design, so that users could glance up and see everything clearly and not accidentally hit the pause button during game play (as it is well out of the way in the top centre of the screen)


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