In this post I will go over the general mechanics of my game

Deciding the combat mechanics


I brainstormed a number of ideas with examples of combat in games in order to think of what might be the best idea to go with my concept.

As my game is already based on colours I decided to go with game play mechanics that also deal with colours, attacking enemies by colour with colour attacks.

Photo backgrounds

Thus far I have decided my game will include options for players to upload their own backgrounds to the stages, making the game unique and customisable.

In order to make this a relevant part of my game I came up with some ideas of how to fit it in with the game mechanics:

Idea 1) At the beginning of every stage players have the option to upload a photo background instead of the regualr stage background


  • Maximum customisation
  • Players can upload a lot of photos


  • Doesn’t really tie in or make sense with the story line, why do they need to upload backgrounds/why can they do it?
  • Takes longer to start combat, interrupts flow of game.

Idea 2) After every boss battle players get the choice to repair a “black hole area” where everything has been destroyed (they do this by uploading a photo to fill the empty stage background)


  • Not too frequent as to interrupt game play
  • Ties in with game storyline / makes sense
  • Allows customisation relatively frequently but not so frequent that it disturbs gameplay
  • Doubles as a kind of reward for completing boss battles


  • Not as much customisation as having the option in every battle
  • Players cant upload as many photos

Idea 3) Players get the choice to upload a photo to a stage on replaying it (once the stage is completed they can modify it)


  • Lots of customisation
  • Wont interrupt game play
  • Doubles as kind of reward for completing stages


  • Doesn’t tie in with the game;s story/ doesn’t make sense
  • Players may not want to replay stages, may want to upload photos and play new stage
  • Not as rewarding or exciting because mixing with old gameplay

I decided that out of these ideas, the best was Idea 2, as it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the game, and also ties in well with the story line.

Special attacks (Accelerometer)

I also want to use the accelerometer for special attacks in my game, however; over using the accelerometer could

here are some of my ideas as to how to make the special attacks work in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the game

Idea 1) Earn the power attack: special attack bar on screen , each successful hit fills the bar a little higher (better hits/combos = more charge) When the bar is full the player is able to unleash a special attack by shaking the device


  • Earned attacks reward user for playing well
  • Better possibilities to beat high scores when playing well
  • Players can premeditate their attacks
  • Picks up pace for gamers who are good at the game


  • Players who aren’t as good won’t earn many special attacks

Idea 2) Start with limited number of power attacks: Players only have a certain number of special attacks per game that they use up. (e.g. 3 attacks, once the attack has been used 3 times in a game it is no longer usable until another level) more power attacks could also be paid for in a freemium model


  • Players all have the same advantage in special attacks (good for less skilled players)


  • Players who are particularly good at the game don’t get as much of a chance to climb the leader boards (not good for more skilled players)
  •  (if freemium) players with more money would have more of an advantage than players who are skilled

Idea 3) Reaction time power attack: When the player has earned a certain amount of hits or points they receive a quick alert giving them the option to special attack by shaking the phone.


  • Keeps gamers in their feet, surprising
  • Adds element of speed to game


  • Users who are playing in bed or who are tired may find this irritating
  • This may be affected by lag
  • May cause frustration in players with low reaction times

I decided out of these ideas, the best one to go for was Idea 1, as it seems to fit well with the game flow, and allows dedicated players to climb the leaderboards


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