[Pencil rough sketch scans]

To start thinking of ideas for my game’s aesthetic design, I sketched out some quick character designs,


pencildraft 003


I wanted my hero design to look quite natural and human like, to reflect that they are civilians protecting their home without any special technology or fleets of robot minions (in contrast to the main villain)
I sketched out some characters in simple clothing with a range of different weapons and hair styles in order to find the look I wanted for my hero character.


pencildraft 001


For my villain design I wanted a much more robotic / synthetic look, I want the character to look as though she is part of her own creation, a never ageing immortal preserved through science to rule her fleet.

I also wanted the villain character to have an element of her insanity showing through her appearance  so I made sure to add quirky features and odd clothing to her design.


pencildraft 002


I want the minions to be very simple, as a lot of them will be on the screen during game play  and over-designing them may take away from the aesthetic appeal of the game. I sketched out a number of robotic minion characters using basic shapes and features in different combinations to result in a variety of appearances.


pencildraft 004


My initial designs for the environment are very simple also; keeping the background and minions to a very simple design will add to the games aesthetic appeal on smaller devices.

I drew out some designs that i thought would be good for interesting colour palettes, including a sunset, a night sky (with planets and satellites visible) a mountain range and a towering city.



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