I wanted my pitch presentation to be a colourful and well laid out representation of wandering star, so I put a lot of time and effort into planning the screens for it.

As there is a lot to talk about with wandering star I will have to touch on aspects of the game quickly and not in too much depth to avoid rambling or making an overly long presentation that will become boring quickly.

I decided important factors of the game to touch on included

  • An overview of the game and its themes
  • Some design research and sketches
  • Story and concept
  • Combat mechanics
  • Representation of the game on an IOS device
  • Camera functions
  • Accelerometer (special move) functions
  • Menu interface
  • Positive language in description of game (voiceover)
  • Game poster with tagline

Here are the screens and planning for my pitch presentation.


Name, introduction, Game title


Introduction to game, platform, functions, target user group etc


Talk about research into aesthetics


Talk about brainstorming and idea drafts

e f g

Talk about concept, story and characters briefly

h i j

Talk about designing the game


Image: a look at wandering star game play on an iPad

l m n

Talk about how the game play works

o p q

Talk about the combat interface


Explain special attacks

r s

Explain boss battles and multiplayer


Talk about changing stages aesthetic and how this adds to the game

u v w

Talk about the camera customisation (photo background stages)


Talk about the menu interface


Talk about rewards system


Poster with tagline: conclude presentation


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