What is the current reward system of my game?

  • Posting to social media
  • Global high scores
  • Level progression
  • Photo background uploads

Why is this useful/how does it reward players?

My reward system is good as it allows users to track their progress by looking in the level selection page and seeing all the levels they have unlocked, including levels they have customised (submitted a photo background) making the game customisable and creative.

Submitting photo backgrounds allows players the chance to fight in their own version of the world.

Players can choose to post their progress to social media so their friends can see it, and also keep track of their score in high score charts which include  their friends from social media as well as global high scores.

What can be done to improve/add to it?

In order to give players more aims/goals in the game as well as rewarding them for progress,  I will also design achievements which can be unlocked and also published to social media


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