In order to get a better Idea of what different situations my game might be played in, I created some scenarios to keep in mind what users may want in these instances.


Lilly has just got home from a long day at the office, she is too tired to turn on her gaming console or sit up to look at her TV screen so she lays down in bed but can’t sleep, she reaches for her phone and starts to play a mobile game, she has to turn the sound off to avoid waking up her husband who is already asleep, and is too tired to pay attention to any of the long dialogue at the beginning of the game, she hasn’t had time to check in with her friends recently and wonders if any of them are awake to play a co-op game with her.


Kayla is on her way to visit her grandma on a long coach trip to Devon, she is sitting still for at least two hours before she begins to get restless, she turns off her iPod and reaches for her mobile phone to play a game that will stimulate her mentally, She does not have a facebook and so signing in to some games is impossible, she looks for  a new game she can play without connecting to social media if she doesn’t want to.
The glare coming in from the window is making low contrast games difficult to see and she looks for a game with simple and bold aesthetics that will show up in the sunlight.

Man looking fed up   Original Filename: 57158971.jpg

Lewis is on his lunch break and he is bored, his two colleagues are at home with the sick bug that has been going around the office for the last week and he wants to cheer them up by sending them a game invite, he knows neither of them will be sitting at their computer and hopes one of them is logged in to one of the mobile games they have on their phones. He sees that one of his friends is in a game right now and wants to play a live game with him while he is on a break, he sends the invite and begins playing with his friend, releiving both of them of their boredom.


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See bibliography [Click here]


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