An important and commonly used part of mobile gaming is social media

I will be connecting my game to social media in order to both advertise the game and allow players to post scores and play with friends.

To get a better understanding of how social and mobile games interact with social media, I looked at other games that use social media such as Farmville and My little pony.

Here are my findings:

Farmville & MLP

  •  Players can log in via social media
  •  Players can send gifts to friends via social media
  • Players can visit each other’s farms via social media
  •  Players can post their progress via social media
  •  Players can send or receive special items from their friends on social media

These games are both fully integrated with social media options, however I don’t want my game to involve too much social media in the game play incase players don’t want to connect the game to their social media accounts, so I will make sure there are ways to access multi player and score boards through the game as well as social media.

How could my game make use of social media sites?

  • Set up accounts for my game so people can “like” and “follow”
  • Post progress to social media
  • Post game invites through social media
  • View each others stage galleries through social media
  • Post images taken in game to social media

Which sites?

Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Because:

  • Tumblr and instagram have a younger audience
  • Facebook and Twitter have an older audience
  • By utilising Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter The game reaches a broad and varied audience
  • All are possible to post to through external applications


See bibliography [click here]


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