In order to get a better Idea of mobile game soundtracks, I studied some popular mobile games to see what sound effects and music they used, this will help me to get a better Idea of what kind of sounds I want to include in my game.

Here are my research findings followed by sound ideas for Wandering star:

Angry birds

  • Short Intro music on each stage
  • No constant background music throughout game
  • Birds squawking
  • Pigs oinking
  • Slingshot slap noise
  • Sounds all relevant to what is going on in the game

My little Pony the game

  • Constant background music, not too loud and quite light hearted/ orchestral
  • Collecting coins makes jingling sound
  • Characters have short dialogue phrases
  • Ball bouncing sound in ball mini game
  • Galloping sound and apples splatting in apple catching game
  • Paper rustling when scroll opened
  • Sounds all relevant to what is going on in the game

Cut the rope

  • Upbeat and cheery background music (orchestral strings)
  • light ascending xylophone type sound effects on cutting ropes and completing levels
  • Frog like character makes “nom” sound when he opens his mouth
  • Paper/cardboard shuffling sounds in menu

My game sounds

I want to keep my sounds relevant to the game play and not have too much going on at once.

I came up with a few Ideas for what I could use for my own game’s sound effects, these are my favourites:

  • Light, quiet clicking or triangle-like sound when users select an option on the game menu interface (feedback to touch)
  • Clanking metal sounds when enemies are defeated
  • Bow and arrow ping noise when character shoots bow
  • Earthquake/deep rumbling sound on activating special attack
  • Cheering noise on receiving an achievement
  • Light ascending notes when items are posted to social media
  • Trumpet fanfare on defeating boss
  • Optional ambient background music (similar to music in bejewelled)

References/ Research:

See bibliography [Click here]


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