Who have I chosen for my target market?/why?

For my target user audience, I have decided on an 18-30 age range, there are a number of reasons I chose to cater to this age group;

most frequent users of mobile games are around age 25 – 34, with users between the ages of 18 and 44 also using mobile games extremely frequent amounts [see statistics post] I thought 18 – 30 would be a good age group to target as it is a broad audience and hits the new generation of mobile gamers, hopefully creating a following that continues with future expansions and game releases.

hitting a broad audience is important, as this way more income can be made from the game and it’s downloads

Also; an older target audience is able to afford to spend money on games and in game purchases, where a mobile game targeted at children would likely not do as well due to lack of funds from players.

How will I make sure to cater to my target audience?

The age range I have chosen is also extremely active on social media, with many flocking to sites such as Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook; I will include aspects of my game that work with or publish to social media sites.

I will also include global high score boards in order to reward players who aren’t as interested in social media and would rather focus on the game.

The design should be colourful and eye catching without being too childish to cater to an adult audience.

I will also create persona’s and scenarios in order to keep a broad view of the way my target audience think, how they live and game, and what they want and need from a mobile game.



See bibliography [click here]


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