thinking about the functions of the game: In order to create my games menu interface, I first had to think about what I needed to include in it, I listed the buttons and pages I may need in my menu interface and then began designing wire frames using the elements I listed

List relevant pages

  • Login page
  • Main menu page
  • Settings page
  • Achievements page
  • Pause menu page
  • Select level page
  • Invite friend (multi player)
  • View gallery page
  • High scores page

List relevant actions/buttons

  • Play single player
  • Play mulit player
  • Share on social network (twitter, tumblr, facebook)
  • Selecting level
  • Pause button in game screen
  • Access achievements
  • volume up and down
  • brightness up and down
  • difficulty up and down
  • contrast up and down
  • View high scores
  • Save
  • Exit

Wire frames

menu2 menu3 menu4 menu5 menu6 menu7 menu8 menu9 menu10 menu11 menu12 menu13 menu14


Menu interface wireframe:



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